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Welcome! This is your guide to the best of London’s restaurants, with side trips to good eating and drinking in some of the rest of Europe.


The Restaurants section above has a pull-down menu of restaurants in London, by category. Books shows some of my books, which you can easily order. Eating In has recipes, wine notes, and will soon include wine-matching ideas. Travel  has  recommendations for eating around Europe.  News reports on restaurants, events, sometimes a little gossip (to stay informed of news updates and upcoming events, sign on to the RSS feed to the left.) I also write a blog:


I’m an American who’s lived in London for 23 years, writing mostly for Decanter, the international wine magazine, as well as books on food, wine, and travel (and writing the wine chapter for, and helping revise, the 75th Anniversary edition of  The Joy of Cooking). When I first arrived, England wasn’t much of a place to eat in, even London. A few years later, the culinary scene was fired up by a new generation of chefs (led by Gordon Ramsay, whom I was the first journalist to interview at length), and I was in the right place at the right time after all. London is no longer just a place for gourmets to change planes on their way to Paris, Barcelona, or Rome, it’s as good a destination for food lovers, with an incredible array of wines: London’s wine lists are international road maps to pleasure.


I grew up in the restaurant business, then cooked and wrote, in New York and several other places before ending up, happily, in San Francisco in the mid-’70s (definitely right place/right time). I wrote for several newspapers, especially the San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times and the Sunday Telegraph in England, Gourmet and The Wine Spectator, the California Wine Institute, edited cookbooks, lectured a little, travelled a lot, wrote more books: A Perfect Glass of Wine, a best-selling all-round guide; The Perfect Match, a food-and-wine cookbook nominated for a James Beard Award; and The Wine Lover Cooks Italian, a cookbook about Italian food and wine, with more usable information on the exciting wines of Italy than in any other cookbook I’ve seen. (More information on the Books page.)


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Why are concrete eggs beginning to be used in place of more conventional fermentation tanks? Christelle Guibert provides an eggs-planation...

Concrete eggs in the winery

Why are concrete eggs beginning to be used in place of more conventional fermentation tanks?
Christelle Guibert provides an eggs-planation...

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Anger over cheap Spanish wine imports in southern France is in danger of getting out of control, says a local union leader who criticised this week's arson attack on a leading wine company in Languedoc. By Yohan Castaing with extra reporting by Chris Mercer.

Crav wine, wine commando
A CRAV wine commando speaks to France 3 television at the Sudvin attack, July 2016.

Anger nearly out of control in Languedoc, says union leader...

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A company in San Francisco has claimed it can create wine without using grapes or fermentation - only with molecules.

Ava Winery

Can wine be created without grapes?...

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